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According to research by the University of Pennsylvania, people decide within 3 seconds whether they like you and want to do business with you. When the first impression and image of you is commonly online, your photo matters. Your headshot is most often your first connection to a potential client or employer. Your website acts […]

Meet Fiona. Her Mom and Dad waited very patiently for this little miracle.Then they brought her home during a pandemic. Talk about waiting to make a large entrance into the world! This cutie will hear pandemic stories over and over for years. She will go to school with other pandemic babies and they can compare […]

The first year flies by, let’s take a look at some fun stages and ages to document. But before we do, I cannot stress enough to communicate with your photographer goals that you have for the first year or two. This time flies by and you can easily loose track of the time. If your […]

In a perfect situation, a soon-to-be parent would contact me in their second trimester, or early in their third, and would book the session. We would reserve the babies due date and the parents would contact me after they deliver. With in the next 14 days the family would come in to the studio or […]

Are you packing your hospital bag? Or at least started making your list of what you might need? We have something for you to add to your bag! (If you already delivered, CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you! Don’t stop reading because this will still be helpful for tips on photos of your little […]

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