Portrait Experiences

December 11, 2023

Portrait Experiences are the new way FITZGERALD STUDIO has starting celebrating holidays and special moments. We know that looking at a photo brings back a memory and we want to give you all the best memories!

Seeing the photos displayed in your home is the best reward. It gives you an overwhelming sense of pride, love, and nostalgia. The photos are not just beautiful portraits. They are reminders of the fun times spent together during childhood. Your portraits gain value as the years go by and offer you reminders of those joyous moments that, while you cannot go back to them, you CAN relive them just by looking at the photos.

Keep reading to see the holiday experiences offered last year:

Holiday Baking Experiences allow your kids to roll up their sleeves and dive into to baking. They are allowed to make a mess and encouraged to create the tray of cookies completely on their own. Word of caution here: Your kids cookies will have A LOT of sprinkles! (Pets are allowed at all of our Experiences!)
Milk & Cookies sessions keep it simple with Holiday pajamas as the preferred outfit choice. Kids love to come in wearing their new pj’s. They get to frost and decorate their own holiday cookies and then enjoy eating their creations! Your kids have no idea we are creating the cutest photos ever!
Let them throw snow! Kids all of ages love this one. Your kids will make Instant Snow upon arriving and be allowed to toss it! Kids (and parents) are amazed at how the snow is made and overflows onto the set. Kids have so much fun playing with the snow and creating the best mess! Kids are creating memories while we are creating gorgeous portraits
The Magic of Santa is a once in a childhood experience. Your kids participate in an interactive story with Santa as he asks them for help in his workshop, checks the nice list for their name, shows them where he travels around the world on Christmas eve, read them the night before Christmas and Mrs Claus brings cookies and milk after all their hard work and adventure!

We work hard to create these moments for your kiddos and you. Follow us on social media to take a peek at our experiences and stay up to date!

The best way to make sure you are first in line for these experiences is to get on the email list. Make sure you put the studio email list in your address book to keep it from going to spam.

We hope to see you in the studio! We always love to connect with fun families, never hesitate to reach out and say ‘hi!’ or set up a time to come in the studio to get a closer look at what we offer for experiences or all year round.

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