Maine West COVID Prom 2020

July 9, 2020

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Usually at this time of the year you can see groups of kids in front of neighborhood houses all dressed up and ready to celebrate with friends. This year is looking a little different. High School seniors are having to improvise and make their own fun. I got together with their aunt to help bring these two a fun evening. It wasn’t prom, but it will be a night that they wont forget. Tons of laughs, lots of honks and cheers from passersby and some good stories to tell.

We made a special stop to take a photograph under our favorite local restaurant who then let us dance under their lights. Special thanks to the Beacon Tap in Des Plaines and to all the passersby who wished this kids well and made them feel special, one even gave them some posing direction! When life gives you a big huge container of lemons, make some lemonade and dance around like these two!

Take a look at our evening:

If you want to document your own 2020 events during COVID, Click here for ideas and pricing options.

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