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Get uninterrupted time with your kiddos.

Holiday Portrait Experience

We can never get enough uninterrupted time with our kiddos. Sometimes you need to intentionally carve out time that is dedicated to you and your kiddos. Thats what we are here to do.

The short answer is everyone. If you have an online presence, you should have a minimum of a professional profile photo. I recently read that within the first seven seconds of meeting you, people will have formed an opinion. YIKES! Like it or not, we are quick to judge and move on, especially online. If […]

Portrait Experiences are the new way FITZGERALD STUDIO has starting celebrating holidays and special moments. We know that looking at a photo brings back a memory and we want to give you all the best memories! Seeing the photos displayed in your home is the best reward. It gives you an overwhelming sense of pride, […]

Meet Fiona. Her Mom and Dad waited very patiently for this little miracle.Then they brought her home during a pandemic. Talk about waiting to make a large entrance into the world! This cutie will hear pandemic stories over and over for years. She will go to school with other pandemic babies and they can compare […]

 I think it is safe to assume we all know someone that has celebrated a birthday in quarantine. or lock down. or while sheltering in place. Whatever you want to call it, most of us have either wished someone a birthday from a distance or accepted birthday wishes over a zoom call. When I asked […]

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