Reasons to sign up for a QUICK TAKE Portrait Sessions

October 24, 2016

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Here are just a few:

  • QUICK TAKES are short and sweet. You get a few images of your family and your kids while being outside and enjoying the moment. The sessions go by so quick that your kids don’t start asking if they are done yet. They have fun playing outside and don’t see it as a chore.

  • If you think family photos are a daunting, exhausting and just cannot bring yourself to do them, QUICK TAKES are the answer! Any client who has signed up for one because a full session was too much to even think about doing, has been super relieved to find that it is not exhausting. In fact, I always hear ‘I wish we did this sooner.’ It’s a quick simple photo, don’t sweat the clothing details, take some simple clothing you already own and try out a photo session. It’s a great way to sample a photo session.

  • QUICK TAKES are a great deal. You get the best of the best. We spend the 20 minutes creating 10 gorgeous images and because there are other families involved in my time through out the day, you get get a deal on studio time BUT get the same superb quality.

  • If you avoid photo sessions all together, I beg you to stop now and try out a QUICK TAKE. There are tons of articles on why family photos should be taken and displayed in your home supporting that it boosts self esteem in children of all ages to have photos of themselves and their family around their home. Professional images and art work also provide long lasting imagery for decades to come.

  • Gifts! They make excellent gifts! Grandparents and relatives can be difficult to buy for, but they love family photos. Frame them, give them an ornament or an adorable mini accordion book that are a grandparent favorite. QUICK TAKES will make gift giving easy, meaningful and will last more than just the holiday season but for generations to come. You could be done with most of your shopping BEFORE thanksgiving!

  • Pets are family too! QUICK TAKES easily accommodate the furry members of your family because they are outdoors at pet friendly locations. Make sure to let it be known you are bringing a pet so we give you the best time slot and location for you family.

  • You won’t regret this investment. You won’t. You can’t. This is the best gift you can give yourself, your kids and your family. It is an investment that will last you longer than this year and it will bring you joy for years to come. It will bring your kids joy for even more years to come.

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