I love books, particularly when they have photos in them.

May 24, 2017

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I do not have a very big house. The only thing I don’t like about that is my lack of wall space. But getting a bigger house for more walls seems silly, although I do consider it from time to time.
Photo albums are the solution to not enough wall space to display photos. I make gorgeous albums for my vacations containing all the beautiful photos I take with my fancy camera, these don’t come right away though. They have to make it through the editing process, which after a two week trip can be awhile.  I am still not finished with last summers road trip. The kids have been hounding me lately.
So I also make small ones containing the camera phone images that myself and my kids take. I am sure there are tons of places to make photo books, but I like to keep it simple so that it actually gets done. I also like it done very quickly after I get home from a trip.
For the last few years, I have been using Artifact Uprising for these books. I use this one for the same reason I use Social Print Studio ,  simple and produces a nice product. Their app allows me to connect to my Instagram or my camera roll. I have been known to create these on my way home, even in the airport. My kids have always enjoyed looking at the pictures from our trip and getting them back quickly always helps take the sting out of returning back to our normal routines.
Here are artifact uprising softcover books:
Yes, I was one of those people taking pictures of my food. It would be weird if I was taking out my DSLR and standing over my plate at every table (or maybe I should say it would be weirder). Honestly, we look back at this food book. The food was a huge part of our trip. The images below are from the book and are pictures of food from the gas station. I was obsessed with Italy’s gas stations. No roller dogs here! Fresh food everywhere. I have never wanted to eat gas station food before. And here I kept finding a reason to stop.
The larger three books are from Mixbook and Blurb, I go in more depth on those books in a post here. Plus you can see why it was the best camping trip ever.

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