Exploring Shutter Speeds – Kids Photo Camp

July 19, 2018

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Kids Photo camp is 5 classes compiled together in one week to form a camp. This doesn’t need to happen in one week, which is why I also offer weekly classes to those who do not have a full week to devote to a camp.

Camp/Class 1 needs to be taken first before advancing. Understanding ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture are the elements of a good exposure and each need to be understood individually.

We talk about Lesson 1: aperture in the last post. Lesson 2 was devoted to Shutter Speeds. To first demonstrate why shutter speeds are important to understand, one student stood behind the camera and the other stood on a stool with a ball. The student behind the camera took a photo of the ball being dropped at a variety of shutter speeds from 1/1000 of a second to 1/20th of a second.

Bringing it outside

Thankfully we had a nice day and we were able to step outside. After setting up the camera on the tripod and the students took turns photographing each other running past, jumping and doing cartwheels at different shutter speeds. By the end of this exercise, they were able to understand that a slow shutter speed created more motion and blur while a fast shutter speed had sharp images and held their subject still in the frame.

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