Vintage Vibes on 
Snowy Streets

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An exclusive holiday
experience for your family. 

Holiday Baking

Your children will immediatly be transported into THE TED E BEAR TOYSHOP when they walk into the studio surrounded by twinkling lights and the many smells of holiday season.

Outer wear, vintage clothing or deep muted holiday outfits are the best outfits for the set! Bring your favorite Teddy bear or maybe a new holiday bear and have him join you for you on our outdoor street scene! Your kids will have fun making snow to add to the outdoor set, shopping for Teddy Bears and riding our vintage tricycle down the 'street.', while creating gorgeous images for you and your loved ones!

As your photographer, I will capture each moment with added touches of magic and your kids will leave with a Teddy Bear  to round out their fun. 

Sessions are 20 minutes


Ted E Bear Toy Shop


NOVEMBER 17th and 18th

Your child's experience

An outdoor snow scene made for fun! 

Your child will ride a vintage tricycle down the 'street' then make snow to throw in the street and select a teddy bear to take home with them! 

  • Make a mess in the studio, not your home!
  • Watch your kids be amazed to make snow inside! 
  • Throw snow
  • Ride a vintage tricycle and play with vintage toys
  • Say hello to sprinkles the elf
  • Take home a new teddy bear!

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November 17th and 18th

Kids look adorable in outwear and vintage clothing. Bring with a favorite teddy bear to personalize the session!

PINTEREST STYLE GUIDE and Color palette included to make clothing selection easy!

Vintage vibes & snowy streets


Limited spots available so we can give each family a unique experience

The ages of 4 to 9 are truly magical!
This is when children's imaginations are at their peak, their creativity knows no bounds, and their innocence shines brightly. It's a time when cardboard boxes transform into spaceships, blankets become secret fortresses, and the entire world is a stage for endless make-believe adventures. Their love for the holidays is full of wonder and excitement! 

It's a privilege for parents to witness and nurture this remarkable stage in their children's lives, where the line between reality and imagination blurs, and the wonders of the world are endless.

Bring these memories to life with our timeless portraits & storybooks


As parents and grandparents, you will enjoy watching your kiddos have fun and engage in our outdoor street scene and toy shop! Our most popular artwork for the vintage scene is sure to be our matted and acrylic prints to bring out the rich colors. 

We have taken great care to select timeless art pieces to bottle up this magical age. Our art pieces are each custom hand crafted are intended to be passed down for generations. We want your children telling the story of their holiday experiences to their own children!

It's the most

 time of the year! 

The holiday Picturebook

Our acrylic cover album with fine art matte paper to bring out the rich colors in your photos is both a great coffee table piece and a fantastic way to retell the story of your kids Ted E Bear experience.

Storybooks start at 995.00

storybooks start 

To remember this magical holiday for the rest of your life, we will create amazing unique portrait art for your family. 

Choose from storybook albums, framed painted canvas art for your walls or bookshelves, ornaments and the most unique cards to send to your family and friends!

Heirloom Art


Framed Matte Wall Art

Your favorite image(s) printed on matte paper to enhance the rich colors and tell a story on your wall!  

Ready to hang wall art starts at 445.00

Matted and Mounted prints start at 125.00 ea for 3+.
Ornaments, acrylic blocks, mini books and  holiday cards available and make the most amazing gifts!

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