This is where we create the holiday magic you will bring out year after year. 
Each year you unwrap the holiday portraits and put them out on display with a huge smile remembering that magical holiday memory. We apologize if you shed a tear at the image of your sweet tiny toddler, now a teenager, as you remember her cute P'J's, what she asked Santa for that year or the Christmas songs she sang over and over. 

Your kids, even teens and grown adults children, will enjoy unwrapping these images with you in the years to come or happily discover them around the house as new holiday decor appears. They will smile as they remember baking cookies, chatting with Santa over a S'more and running through the rows of trees. They will remember the fun, the silliness and the memories created this holiday season.  

Holiday Sessions

Choose one or more ways to kick off the holidays

Holiday Cookie Baking

Kick off the holidays with some cookie baking! Thanksgiving week is the best time to start your holiday festivities.

Every year we design a fun and unique experience for our tiniest clients. Join us this year for holiday baking. Your kids will get their own dough and supplies to make cookies in a variety of cookie cutter shapes. To accommodate the many ways that families celebrate the season, we will have many themed cookie cutters and encourage you to use your clothing, aprons and chef hats to reflect your favorite traditions.  We will document the event leaving you with gorgeous printed memories to pull out and decorate your home year after year. Leave with a cookie sheet of cookies ready to pop in the oven when you get home.

We will provide all the supplies for cookie baking including chef hats that can be used during the session. You can personalize the session to reflect your families celebrated traditions with your own aprons, chef hats and holiday pajamas. 


Art Collections start at 250.00

November 21 - 24


Santa's Campfire

Santa will be sitting around a fire with a background of trees waiting to roast some s'mores with you and your family. This setting is great for kids and parents. Don't be shy! Hop in the experience with your kids and create a fabulous image for your home to go with this unique Santa experience. 

Stay after the session and make more S'mores while making some friends, picking out a tree or just enjoying the smell of fresh cut Christmas trees and the holiday atmosphere. 

In addition to the rows of trees and perfect s'more roasting setting. We will also be providing hot chocolate, logs and blankets for sitting and hot chocolate. Those that do not love S'mores can always chat it up with Santa over some hot drinks. Customize your experience to your family! 


Art Collections start at 250.00

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December 5th


Tree Farm

Join us in our local, designed just for you, Christmas Tree Farm. For one weekend only we will join together with the Optimist Club at their tree lot as we transform an area for clients to run through rows of trees and enjoy a tradition we typically need to travel an hour to have. 

While you cannot really cut a tree down, you CAN bring home a real tree or wreath to round out your experience after enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate over filled with marshmallows. Embrace the winter weather and kick off your holiday season with us!  
Pets are welcome. 

In addition to the rows of trees and hot chocolate we will also supply props: logs and blankets for sitting, wooden kids sled and winter hot chocolate cups.


Art Collections start at 295.00


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