Learn, Grow and Join a Community. 

Join me on a shoot! We will set up a session just for you with your ideal client! Be a fly on the wall, bring your camera and dive in or just observe. Arrive early and stay after the session to see behind the scenes. 

Post session we will chat about any questions you had during the session.  

Go in depth on how to create a proper exposure. Understand shutter speeds and f-stops. Practice stopping motion and creating motion. Learn depth of field (how much of the photograph you want in focus) and how to use it to create ‘blurry backgrounds’ and sharp landscapes. 

Learn about composition including leading lines, rule of thirds, angles and perspective. 

Weekly class with assignments or full day (fee split between multiple students) 


This class is for anyone and everyone. 

You do not have to have any previous knowledge of photography to join us.

I will provide an overview of your cameras controls and functions. You will leave with knowledge and confidence to get your camera off manual mode. 

$99 - 60 min class in studio


1295 - full day private

Shoot Along



Youth Camera Classes

Weekly classes and summer camps that teach kids camera basics though hands on learning. Kids will use a DSLR camera and take photographs to help them understand exactly how a camera works. Personal cameras can be brought in as well to teach them how to use their own camera. Kids can also sign up for One on One mentoring and private classes for in depth learning and personalized education. 

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