Studio Process

Begin with the end in mind. 

Before we even meet for your session we will sit down to discuss what your goals are and help you decide what to do with them. What size is the space will we be adding a portrait? Should we do one images or multiple images? 

If you want to build a family gallery wall, we will look at the older images and the space we will have to work with. 

If you are moving, renting or have little wall space, we will discuss using small portraits, buildable wall galleries and albums to preserve your memories and decorate your home. 

I will learn about what makes your family special. 

I will learn about your style, home decor, what your kids love and what you want to remember most about this moment in your life. 

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Viewing and Ordering Appointment

1-2 weeks after your portrait session we will meet to view the images we have worked so hard on! This is {{almost}} the best part. 

At this point we will make all the final decisions for your portrait order. Using our state of the art software, we will virtually place the images on your walls you have submitted to see what they will look like before ordering. This helps to make sure you are purchasing the perfect size for your space and takes all the guess work out!

The sample shown is a clients original wall, our design idea and then the final wall gallery installation.


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In this studio we make them like they used to. Handmade, handcrafted and built to look good in your home and last generations. Consumer labs and diy framing is great for snapshots and cellphone pics. We are hear for your long lasting portraiture and custom home decor. 

Built to last

Professional Artwork

We know your portraits are only as good as the paper they are printed on. 


The actual best part of the process is here. This is when all the hard work pays off. We install your portraits right into their space to enjoy immediately. Warning, you might want to take the day off. I have been told that clients spend the entire day staring at their gorgeous new art. 

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