February 13, 2023

According to research by the University of Pennsylvania, people decide within 3 seconds whether they like you and want to do business with you. When the first impression and image of you is commonly online, your photo matters. Your headshot is most often your first connection to a potential client or employer.

Your website acts like your store front and your business card.

You want to bring your future customer, ideal client or employer in so you have the opportunity to show them what you offer. You don’t want them leaving the page, skipping your profile or scrolling past. This is where a professional headshot comes in. Make sure your headshot is clear, in the best light and has a flattering pose as well as reflects your brand.

A professional headshot will boast confidence while fostering trust

This isn’t about looks. This is about your image and your presentation.

A good headshot will:

  • convey professionalism
  • Make you stand out among the others
  • Increase your credibility
  • Boost your own confidence (a photo you are proud of goes a long way!)

It is time to schedule a professional headshot if you:

  • are using an image older than 3 years
  • uploaded a selfie for a profile pic
  • cropped yourself out of a group image
  • threw a quick DIY phone headshot up to get going

Kelly is a Studio owner in Des Plaines, IL right off 294. The studio specializes in Headshots and Family Portrait Art for your home. Never hesitate to fill out a contact form or give the studio a call. You may need to learn more to find out if the studio is a good fit for you. In the mean time, head to the website!


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