One Month Baby Collage Frame – Art Product

February 21, 2017

It can be so hard to choose the images a client wants to look at every day. But we did it!
The top frame will hang in the hallway that leads to Baby J’s room. His┬áparents plan to add to this as he grows but this will stand alone until his next session. We had to make sure the image would look well alone and would also allow accompanying images as time goes on.
Mom selected the large image in the collage because it shows off his length and his gorgeous eyes, the top image because of his eyes again, the middle because she will remember how peacefully he sleeps and the bottom because he gave us a little smile. How can you not walk by that every day and not smile yourself!
The bottom image of Baby J and his Mom will hang in her room and will allow her to see how he small he once was for years and years to come. I think that may be the image she cherishes the most in 20 years.

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